Are Bullies a problem for your child?

Get a free uniform, ​two weeks of unlimited Taekwondo classes, and a PRIVATE lesson with Grand Master Lee for only $​29.95, and we'll teach your son or daughter how to deal with bullies.

Bullying Stops Here!

Bullying is an epidemic for youth. In Castle Rock and nationally, it is damaging our children’s self-esteem, schoolwork, and even friendships. It is widely discussed, and regularly makes the news.

Bullies used to be a neighborhood or playground issue. But now with the proliferation of bullies online and other vulnerabilities posed by the Internet from predators and scammers to cyber-bullies on social media, our children can take back their lives.

Our martial arts program is focused on making students aware, through self-discipline and a positive attitude, of the dangers they face each day. We teach and provide them with the tools and skills needed for self-defense and to stay safe in an unsafe world; on the playground and online.

Request more information now! Make a difference in your children's lives. Give them the confidence and skills to stop bullies now.

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